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Welcome to extOL!

To remain effective in the mission of Extension, we've come up with some innovative ways to deliver programming to Tennesseans and the workforce that makes up the UT and TSU Cooperative Extension Service.

UT Extension Online Learning (extOL) is a group of web sites that deliver professional development programs to Tennessee Extension and UTIA educators (the Workforce Learning site), Extension fee-based certification programs and instructional content to focused and diverse learning audiences (the People site).

These two sites serve the outreach and program delivery needs of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and Tennessee Extension, and equip our Tennessee Extension professionals with some of the learning required to excel in their work.

This group of extOL web sites includes:

UT Extension has already certified (or re-certified) 154 private applicators in the Pesticide Safety Education Program through online delivery of the program, seeing an average gain of twenty-five percentile points in test scores.

extOL is meant to be YOUR learning portal for online professional development training and program delivery to clientele. The system was created with one key idea in mind:

This is extOL's mission: To serve our land-grant university's outreach and program delivery needs, and equip our citizens and UTIA / Extension professionals with the learning required to excel in their work.

extOL is 24/7 learning for UTIA / Extension and the people we serve!

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