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How Can I Create Online Learning?

Many of you have had great ideas (“if only our learning audiences knew how to do this”) that would help our efforts for outreach at UTIA / Extension to excel. You've suggested that there ought to be an easy process in place that will convert your ideas into an online learning format that will be easy to access by those various learning audiences.

For online in-services, the BEAR Project Description process and the Online Content Developer Training (OCDT) are now offered to all UTIA and Extension professionals!

BEAR is an acronym for Business, Economics, Accessibility and Resources. Your project description will answer questions in relation to each of these factors. The BEAR Project Description process was designed to take no longer than 15 minutes, helping you "map out" your ideas for an online program.

The OCDT will teach from software applications with which you are familiar (like Microsoft PowerPoint) and is a hands-on training, so be prepared to have a partially completed online project at its completion. You will be using pre-built templates, so if you have existing program materials, you will be able to create an online in-service or tutorial in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The OCDT for the specialist or agent who doesn't have a lot of time to create their e-learning—in six hours you will have the skills and the tools and resources you need to build your online program!

Developing online learning content for extOL is simple!

  1. Confirm that your online learning idea is not available in some other form on the extOL sites by emailing the extOL Support Team and briefly describing your intentions. You may also want to check with your department head, peers, program leaders, and administrators.
  2. Complete the 15-minute BEAR Project Description process (click here to begin (use your NET ID and password). To watch a short tutorial on this process, click here.)
  3. The next Online Content Developer Training (OCDT) will be scheduled at your convenience. An online "classroom" has been used for distance instruction.
  4. Complete the OCDT.
  5. Then, take advantage of ongoing support and collaboration with the Instructional Technology Specialist to complete your project.

To schedule a meeting with the extOL staff to sit down and discuss your online learning ideas, just email your meeting requests to extOL Support by clicking here.