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First OCDT Training Completed!

UT Extension Online Learning just graduated its first class of nine faculty and specialists as online content developers from the inauguaral Online Content Developer Training on December 11, 2009. The participants had a lot of positive things to say about the program, as well as helpful feedback on how it can be improved.

One comment was: "I am extremely excited about the program and canít wait to put it to use." Another specialist commented on how the instructional design work done in the OCDT could easily transfer and be a helpful tool in all of his work for Extension.

We cannot wait until their courses and tutorials are online! Keep up the good work and dedication to knowledge transfer within Extension!

First extOL Course Published on Workforce Learning Site!

Have you ever been approached by a state official with a question about program planning and impacts? Dave, the Extension agent in Joseph Donaldson's new online inservice, can better answer this question after learning about the Tennessee Program Planning and Evaluation Model.

Joseph was one of the first specialists to use the new extOL process of online content development. In fact, his work helped with the "beta testing" of the new process, so you could say he helped "pioneer" a new way to deliver valuable in-service training to his colleagues. And now he has a 24/7 instructor at his disposal (extOL) delivering his online inservice to Tennessee Extension professionals whenever it is needed!

Joseph also has plans to publish this on the eXtension Professional Development web site to reach a national audience of Extension professionals. extOL is supporting him in his efforts to do so. The great news is that Tennessee Extension professionals can log into the Workforce Learning web site and receive HR 128 credit and automated tracking in SUPER for the training they complete on the Workforce Learning site!

To complete this online inservice—and receive professional development training credit in SUPER for this— click here.

extOL is 24/7 learning for Tennessee Extension and the people we serve!